Sunday, June 15, 2014

Feliz día de los padres

I love it when my father shares his stories about growing up in Mexico.

Once my dad was cutting pasture, and he didn't notice a plant on which a bees' nest was attached.  Well, he cut the plant.  The bees stung his face to the point that he was deemed unrecognizable by people in his own tiny Mexican village.


Las avispas -as told by my father

Andaba cortando hierbas para pastura.  En la hierba grande que corté estaba el panal de las avispas. No me fijé y se me echaron encima en la cara todas las avispas.  Todas.  Se me puso la cara como tomate.  Tenía los ojos enterrados.  No podía ni ver casi. 

Estaba pasando por la orilla del rio.  Vi que se estaban bañando Daniel y Artemio.  Me sentía muy triste pasando por allí y me decían, “Oiga, amigo, ¿viene Ud. De Julimes?” pero yo no les contestaba nada.

“¿De dónde eres?  ¿Quién es tu papá?” Artemio me preguntó.

Yo no hablaba para que no me conocieran.

“Como que se parece a Vayo el de Panfilo,” dijo Daniel. Se tiraron un clavado en el río y yo me fui.

No quería que me viera la gente.  Cuando me di cuenta que no me conocían, me dio mucho gusto.

Friday, June 6, 2014

The best gift I have ever received

"We're not the one's who've been teaching Radio - Radio's the one who's been teaching us."  It's been years since I've seen the movie Radio, but that's my favorite line from the movie.

While I was teaching my students, they were teaching me.  They reminded me not to take life so seriously; their vitality influenced me.  I enjoyed supporting them at extracurricular activities and being part of their lives.

At the end of the year, I received a book full of life tips and quotes from Lora and Mackenzie.  I wanted to share this on my blog because it touched my heart.

Priceless.  This one is my favorite, Lora!

I've seen every episode, Mackenzie!

I told my students that one morning when I awoke, I panicked because my arm was asleep.  I thought I was about to have a heart attack, so I googled "signs of a heart attack" and was ready to drive myself to the emergency room or dial 911.   Apparently, I had just slept on my arm, so it was numb.  Oh well.

Thank you, Lora and Mackenzie!  I always wanted a book dedicated to me.  Thanks for making this dream come true!