Sunday, March 30, 2014

Excerpt from my memoir

Sometimes reality is better than fiction.  Currently, I am writing about comical situations and how my family members have shaped my life.

Here is an excerpt from my vignette about Dreyfuss and Damon, my pet roosters:

One day, as a junior in high school, I came home to find my mom with a rooster in the backyard.

"He's cute!  Where'd you get him?" I asked.

"Ofelia gave him to me.  I'm going to chop off his head and make chicken soup for dinner," Mom responded.  Ofelia was my mom's cousin; she lived out in the country at the time.

"You're kidding, right?"

"No.  I've been craving some fresh chicken soup like your grandma used to make in Mexico."

"You can't chop a rooster's head off in our backyard!  Poor rooster!  Can I keep him?" 

After watching the Golden Girls that evening, I decided that I liked the name Dreyfuss, so that's what I named my first pet rooster.  His favorite foods were watermelon and French fries.

A few days after I adopted Dreyfuss, there was another rooster in the backyard.

My mom told me, "You wouldn't let me kill Dreyfuss, but I'm going to kill this one!"

"No!  Dreyfuss needs a friend."

So I named my second rooster Damon after Matt Damon.  This rooster also inhaled French fries and watermelon.

My two pet roosters lived for about a year.  While Dreyfuss was a gentle soul, Damon was a feisty little one.  If I tried to pet Damon, he would peck me with his beak.  I thought him to be ungrateful especially after I prevented him from becoming chicken soup.  

Damon outlived Dreyfuss by a few months.

There were no more pet roosters after that.

Life lesson: tour local spots

The Big Texan
I have a Japanese friend who has encouraged me to get in touch with my adventurous side by traveling locally.  By the way, I even tried sushi and liked it at Hayashi Hibachi in Amarillo. 

I admit I have a zest for travel.  This lifelong quest to see the world was ignited in me when I studied in Spain for a semester in college.

Until recently, I have overlooked travel to local spots.  Unfortunately, I convinced myself that local areas were overrated. 

I don't know, for example, how many times I have seen the Big Texan on different travel channels and thought to myself, "What a tourist trap!"  Well, I actually went there a few weeks ago and loved the food, the service, and the rustic atmosphere.  I was born in Perryton, which is located two hours north of Amarillo, and I finally went to this Texan gem at the age of 29.  I had such a fun time.

Furthermore, I went to Cadillac Ranch yesterday, located west of Amarillo, and partook in the tradition of spray-painting my own art on a Cadillac hoisted halfway into the ground.

Cadillac Ranch

I am learning to see the beauty that exists everywhere.  Explore where you are, people!
Cadillac Ranch gift shop

You don't have to spend money to fly overseas in order to have an adventure.