Saturday, December 14, 2013


I miss my nephew Anthony.  Having lived with us the first few years of his life, he became like a little brother to me. 

We used to play judge (or that's what I called it at the time).  I was the judge, and he was always the defendant.  I would let him tell his side of the story; I found him guilty each and every single time. 

"You always find me guilty!!"  he exclaimed and would run crying to Mom.

We loved going to Heather's.  We jumped on the trampoline, and sometimes the three of us would lie on the trampoline and gaze up at the stars at night.  Mom worried about us being out in the dark, so we could never stay at Heather's for long.

Anthony even performed in high school music videos that I created for biology class.  He was the lead singer for a song I wrote about mitosis.

Anthony loved riding in elevators.  Anytime we went to a building with an elevator, he would tell me to go ride the elevator with him.  It was like a carnival ride to him. 

Born premature, Anthony weighed three pounds.  I was happy to be an aunt the first time I saw him. 

I am proud of him and love him. 

You were NOT guilty each time, Anthony.  I was just a cruel judge. 

Leap of Faith

Sometimes it's difficult to take a leap of faith.  Sometimes the comfort of what we know is easier.  Is "easier" better? Will the easier road stunt our growth?  Will it keep us from fulfilling our destiny?

I have learned not to overanalyze life so much.  We are given today.  We are given right now.  I have to remind myself to just enjoy life and appreciate the little things.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ocho, a gift after the disappearance of my cat Jackson

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Cuentos de mis padres

My mother turned 71 yesterday.  I am thankful for her and for my dad.  The older I become, the more I realize how me must live each day as if it were our last.  We are not promised tomorrow. 

My dad often tells the story of how he rode a donkey three miles to school and three miles home when he was an elementary student in Mexico.  I asked why he couldn't just walk, and he said, "Es que tuve que cruzar el rio."  I had to cross the river.  He and my aunt Noemi rode to school together on the donkey with no name (I asked).

I know that when I was younger I often rolled my eyes at my parents when they told me, "When I was your age, blablabla."

When I was younger, anytime my parents prepared fish for dinner, I would complain.  I would say, "Uh, fish again?"

Dad would tell me, "Be thankful for fish.  That's what I mostly ate as a kid.  I had to go to the river and catch fish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Because of fish, I am alive today."  I often wondered if dad was exaggerating. 

Mom has told me that she liked catching turtles as a kid and eating them.  I must admit I have never had turtle meat. 

Mom has also talked about doing the laundry with a washboard in the river and heating water on the stove (not just any stove - a WOODBURNING STOVE) just to be able to bathe. 

I take so much for granted!