Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bucket List 2013 - travel to breathtaking places. Check!

Eiffel Tower Bliss!  
Une bouteille d'eau'
I was happy to speak basic French in Paris.  On the ferry from England to France, I studied some basic French words on my iPhone.  While I was in Paris, I learned how to say "bottle of water" - une boutelle d'eau'; those who know me well know that I always have to have a water bottle in hand.  I was able to stay well-hydrated in Paris!  Merci beaucoup! Paris, je t'aime!!!! 
I took this picture of Big Ben from the Eye of London.  I loved the architecture  of London and what do they call the metro there...the tube? I thought the metro was actually a tube (some sort of hollow cylinder) when our tour guide said we'd be taking the tube.  Silly me.

I also loved the fact that there was a water heater at my hotel so that I was able to prepare my Yogi bedtime tea.  Yes, I packed Yogi bedtime tea in my suitcase.
Here I am walking to Royal Castle Neuschwanstein in Germany.
Liechtenstein!!!!  I have a stamp of you on my passport!
The Lion Monument in Lucerne, Switzerland 
Innsbruck, Austria 
Bus in London
Lucerne, Switzerland - By the way, Swiss tap water is the best in the world!!!!  Plus, I loved the healthy food.   Did I mention Swiss chocolate really is amazing?  I'd like to buy all your chocolate, Switzerland!
Nymphenburg Palace in Munich
Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
Nymphenburg Palace yard
View of Paris from the Eiffel Tower.  Très magnifique!!!! 
Swiss countryside, I will never forget you!  A breath of fresh air - literally!
Lucerne, I love you!  I must return to Switzerland someday.  Did I mention the amazing tap water, countryside, chocolate, food?  Oh yes - I did!
Eiffel Tower view
Tower Bridge in London
Tyrolean evening in Innsbruck, Austria
This is where I heard yodeling in concert for the first time in my life.   Who knew I would be so moved by yodeling?  It was astonishing.

Germany - it was raining, okay?  Hence the hoodie.