Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let me tell you what I want, what I really, really want

all natural, gluten free, probiotic, rBGH free

I couldn't resist the Spice Girls reference.  I love the 90s.

I love health food stores like Natural Grocers in Amarillo.  I really miss Whole Foods from the time I lived in Houston, but I am glad to have found this haven for picky eaters in the Texas Panhandle.  I recently discovered Noosa yogurt (apparently they spell it yoghurt); I will never go back to Yoplait or Activia or those other yogurt wannabes.  My favorite is the raspberry even though THREE cashiers have recommended the Strawberry Rhubarb (I'm not a fan).

I want to visit these "happy" cows in Colorado sometime.  Are they really happy or is this some marketing ploy?  How do they measure the happiness of these cows?

Even though I have stayed away from granola in the past due to its high calorie content, I recently decided to spice up my life (or perhaps the word 'sprinkle' is more appropriate here) with Udi's Au Naturel granola.  I thought, "Why not?  Just watch your portions, Angela."


What will I discover next?!

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