Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gratitude Post #1

I am thankful for

1.  sunshine - Exposure to sunlight makes me feel so much better if I'm feeling a bit down or lethargic.

2.  American-style breakfast - This makes me so incredibly happy.  I recently went to Le Peep in Dallas and Magnolia Cafe in Austin.  Calico County in Amarillo is my favorite.  I especially love oatmeal, scrambled eggs, fruit, and wheat toast.  Perhaps I am just my father's daughter.  He loves to eat, too!  In recent years I've cut back on unhealthy foods and drinks. 

3.  music - I cannot imagine my life without it.  Starships, anyone?  Don't get me started on Call Me Maybe.  

4. Nordic Naturals Fish Oil - FABULOUS.  I have tried "cheaper" brands from Walmart and Walgreens.  I am willing to pay extra money for extra quality.

5.  I must mention oatmeal again.  On a recent trip to Austin, I took a picture of my oatmeal at Magnolia Cafe.  Did I just admit that?  No breakfast food makes me happier!

Eat me!

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