Sunday, July 1, 2012


Why I love to travel

Perhaps it is because I see life outside of my own microcosm.
There is always life elsewhere,
Varying perspectives,
Multiple languages,
Different horizons from the ones I have traversed,
And if there are so many perspectives
Maybe I can adopt another as my own,
Or an amalgam of many.

My own problems
Seem insignificant
Compared to walking down the cobbled streets of Toledo, Spain,
Compared to meeting friends for coffee at the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca,
Compared to the whitewashed buildings of Vejer de la Frontera,
Compared to riding the AVE at 193 mph,
Compared to learning words particular to Spain like zumo and melocotón,

My life is enriched by
Having a minute to reflect on atrocities from our past at the Holocaust Memorial Museum,
Riding on the Autobahn in Germany,
Attending an Aggie Muster in Stuttgart,
Eating crème brûlée for the first time in Strasbourg, France,
Meeting wonderful people everywhere,
Seeing Taipei 101 in person,
Ordering food in Chinese,
Flying in an airplane for the first time to go to the National Spelling Bee in D.C.,
Witnessing the beauty of the Grand Canyon in Arizona and Copper Canyon in Mexico,
Skiing for the first time in Winter Park, Colorado (falling so much the first day),
Skiing down the Poconos,
Walking through the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville,
Seeing Santa Fe and San Antonio with my parents,
Renting a kayak with my sister in Austin,
Getting to see the Texas Piney Woods region for the first time by attending Camp e=mc2 in Tyler, Texas.

I love boarding the plane and flying away.
Next stop: who knows?

I wanted to add “Priceless” at the end of each reflection like on the MasterCard commercials.  

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