Friday, July 6, 2012

Jackson Domino Arenivar, where are you?

Isn't Jackson photogenic?
I don't know if my cat is dead or alive.  He has been missing since Thursday.  His pet ID tag reads Jackson and has my phone number engraved on it.  Cat thief, if you're reading my blog, bring him back to me.

I adopted Jackson from a cat shelter in Houston.  He traveled 636.59 miles with me when I moved from Houston back to my hometown.  Not once did he meow or growl or hiss.  Nor did he relieve his bladder the whole way home.  He once fell off my second-floor balcony in Houston and survived uninjured.

I hope he's doing okay wherever he is.  Please give him Whiskas Temptations savory salmon cat treats if you see him.

On a more positive note, today I downloaded Jeannette Walls' The Glass Castle: A Memoir on my Nook.  I absolutely love her descriptive writing style and her ability to make me feel what she's feeling.  More updates about my enjoyment of this true-life novel later.

Come home soon, Jackson!

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