Thursday, June 28, 2012

Keepsakes of sentimental value, but I forgot the sentiment

They say that one person's junk is another person's treasure.  Well, my treasure has become junk over time.  I admit I have been a hoarder all my life.  I recently disposed of items from high school, college, grad school, and beyond.

My childhood bedroom looked like one of the rooms on Hoarders.  There was so much stuff on my bed and on the floor.  I had things like Juicy Fruit gum wrappers, a rubber chicken keychain, a Chuckie Finster keychain (come on - you know you love Rugrats), a Little Mermaid alarm clock, old shoes I forgot that I even had, marbles, socks without partners, a toy tractor,  and numerous other odds and ends.   I realized I had all these keepsakes of sentimental value, but I forgot whatever sentiment was attached to them, so why was I keeping them?  I know that at a particular point in time, I had some sort of personal reason for keeping each item.  Lately I realized that I haven't missed my Chuckie Finster keychain or the Little Mermaid alarm clock.

Okay, so I STILL couldn't dispose of certain things.  I kept most of my M&M's collection; I gave some stuffed M&M's away to kids that I know.  Of course, I didn't take down my skeletal system poster or the words that I taped on my wall from my bee days.

I still have my spelling bee stuff like my placard, two Webster's Third New International Dictionaries, my plaques and medals, newspaper articles, and my inflatable dictionary.  I should take that inflatable dictionary to a swimming pool this summer; I'll be the coolest person there.

Of course I kept all the cassette tapes of my radio show.  I was often bored as a child, so I often recorded myself into a tape recorder.  I remember making my own countdown of the top five Disney songs of all time.  "Under the Sea" was number two, and I honestly can't remember number one, but I'm certain it was a Lion King song.

Goodbye, junk that I haven't ever missed!

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