Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jiggle Berry in Amarillo, Texas

I LOVE smoothies. They are the best “fast food.”

While I was in Amarillo this weekend, I happened to drive by a smoothie establishment called Jiggle Berry. My first thought was, “What a cute name, but will the smoothies make my belly jiggle? Should I buy one or not?”

Look how happy I am waiting for my smoothie at Jiggle Berry!

I ended up buying a Blue Wave, which consisted of blueberry, coconut, vanilla, and coconut milk. I told the Jiggle Berry employee to sweeten my smoothie with Stevia, which I regret now. I think it gave my smoothie a bitter aftertaste. I also drank two ounces of wheatgrass. Even though wheatgrass is not at all pleasing to my palate, I have been drinking it ever since I read about green drinks in The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth.

Lately I have become a nutrition Nazi with my diabetic mother.

“Mom, you should NOT eat white noodles. Do you KNOW what they will do to your blood glucose levels? You should eat the wheat kind instead. Whole grains are better for blood sugar control.”

“HOW can you eat FRIED chicken? Grilled is better for you!”

“Are you drinking enough water?”

My mother will have to forgive me for my comments. Oh, Mom, have you eaten fruits and vegetables today? Did you eat a breakfast high in fiber and protein?

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