Monday, December 6, 2010

Life is not a spelling bee

Life is not a spelling bee.
You will not be eliminated because you made one mistake
“I” instead of “e”
In a millisecond the sound of the bell
Signifies your fate
I’m thankful for second chances
And third chances
And fourth chances
The bell that really counts will ring in a millisecond
After I have breathed my last breath on earth.
Did I take advantage of the infinite chances allotted to me
To make things better?
To make things right?
To be happy?
To make a difference?
To love and be loved?
To see the beauty in everyday life?
To live passionately?
Life is not a spelling bee.
You are eliminated after making multiple mistakes.


  1. i or an e, I'm sure most including myself would've spelled it the way you did. I suppose that makes it a great word for competition! I googled the spelling the other day after watching 'Spellbound'...then came across your blog. I was rooting for you the most, you're lucky to have that special time captured on film.
    Cheers Angela!

  2. We watch spellbound in my Psychology class today, and it was the most interesting video of the semester.The stories were all great, and I personally wanted you to win because I am son of Mexican immigrants.
    During class we review the psychological development of the eight kids, and we all agreed that you were one of the most optimist and happy of all.
    Thank you very much for being such an inspiration.

    Que dios Te Bendiga, Y a Tu Hermanoza Familia Tambien.

  3. watching Spellbound here on TV in Mexico City! good to hear you've become an educator -- suerte!

  4. Hi Angela,
    Every time I watch Spellbound (it is one of my favorites) I cry in the first few minutes because of the love and work your family invested in you. You are obviously worth it - because you didn't take it for granted and you have a beautiful nature - and that right there is one of the best stories I can imagine.