Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I dreamed a dream

When I graduated with my bachelor's from A&M, I wanted my master's. Now that I have my master's, I want my PhD. My ambitions never end, I suppose. I'm putting the PhD plans on hold or a while. I was lucky enough to have had professors who encouraged me to cultivate my writing and teaching interests.

As I'm looking for a teaching job, I'm reminiscing about my teaching experience at the University of New Mexico. I absolutely loved it. There were times I felt discouraged in my graduate studies, but my love of teaching propelled me forward even when I didn't think I had it in me to read another book or write another paper. I knew that if I ever threw in the towel, I would have to give up teaching. I would have to give up my students. And I didn't want to do that. So I would dust myself off (really! Gotta love New Mexico haha!), drink some more coffee, and read that book for the master's comprehensive exam. Or write that paper about Mexican-American identity. Because I knew deep down that it would all lead to something great.

I am so thankful for the two years that I spent in Albuquerque. I grew so much from my time there, and I have no regrets. It feels wonderful being able to say that.

I sometimes wonder where I'll be in ten years, fifteen years, twenty years... Many things come to mind.

I dream about teaching at a DoDDS school in Spain or Germany.
I dream about owning a beach house somewhere on the Texas gulf coast.
I dream about being a professor.
I dream about writing books and becoming a best-selling author. Mrs. Coulter, my third grade teacher, always believed this would happen.

I dream about being happy in my career.
I dream about owning a ranch and horses.
I dream about finding someone who loves me for me and understands me.
I dream about having and raising a happy and healthy child.
I dream about being 100% comfortable in my own skin.

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  1. I just saw Spellbound, again, and I'm thoroughly pleased--though not surprised-- that you've become a thoughtful, civic-minded young woman. Congratulations on completing your Master's, and I'm sure that you have a few good books in you.

    What do you think about Stagg's take on the definition Bee?