Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The ocean, just one of my many favorite things

I recently went to the beach in Galveston with my family and remembered how much I loved the ocean. The way it tastes like saltine crackers and stings my eyes. The way the waves lap gently against the shore and how the sounds of the waves drown out all the thoughts floating in my head. Nothing matters at that moment in time except the present moment. I am there on the beach and nowhere else. Not stressing out about finding a job or if I'll ever get my PhD or if ....or if....this "if" evades me as long as I'm standing on the seashore.

The way the ocean stretches endlessly across the horizon reminds me that I am such a small creature, staring into a vast abyss that stretches endlessly, immeasurably.

There's something very liberating about the ocean. I feel at peace and uninhibited. I can do anything I want. Be anything I want. Go anywhere.

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